Media: the Central Bank predicts the growth of real incomes of Russians in 2017

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. Recovery of real incomes and wages of the Russians may, as expected, the Bank of Russia, to begin as early as next year, write “Izvestia”.

Such a scenario will take place in the case if, as suggested by the Regulator, will be implemented in the baseline scenario the main directions of monetary policy for the next three years. It provides for the continuation of the annual average price of Urals blend” in the amount of $ 40 per barrel.

The same result will be achieved if it was a more optimistic scenario, under the provisions of which the cost of raw materials will be much higher.

The resumption of economic growth, as suggested by the Central Bank, not last role play also the recovery of consumer demand. Currently the Russians hold savings behaviors characteristic of the current crisis.