Madonna confused the flags of Israel and Argentina in the post about the death of Perez

MOSCOW, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. American singer Madonna has mixed up the flags of Israel and Argentina in a message on Facebook when he expressed his condolences in connection with death of ex-President of Israel Shimon Peres.

Shimon Peres, the ninth Chapter of the Jewish state, Nobel peace prize – died the day before at the age of 93 years, never recovered from a stroke he suffered two weeks earlier.

“In memory of this remarkable man is Shimon Peres. You were a symbol of peace not only for Israel but for the whole world! God bless you, my Lord.” the singer wrote, providing a message with a joint photo with Perez and Emoji depicting the flag of Argentina.

The Israeli flag is a white canvas with blue stripes on the edges and a star of David in the center. The flag of Argentina consists of three equal width horizontal stripes on the edges of the blue, between the white in the center which is a yellow sun.