Bloomberg called the gaps Elon musk on Mars colonization

The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk

The most clear part of Elon musk on Mars colonization is the creation of a spacecraft heavy-duty, writes columnist for Bloomberg’s Eric Roston. He recalled that the businessman spoke about the necessity of creating a vehicle able to take on Board at least a hundred people.

Bloomberg notes that just this week the company Mask for the first time, SpaceX conducted a test firing of the engines Raptor for Interplanetary transportation system (ITS). The length of this spaceship will be more than 120 m, and she will be equipped with 42 such engines.

Their own rocket heavy-duty designs and NASA, reminds Agency. But this device is smaller and can only accommodate six astronauts.

Another critical parameter required for the construction of the rocket, is money, writes Roston. According to him, space research funding has significantly decreased in comparison with 1960-1970 years, and Musk joked that he will raise funds for the project through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and “stealing the pants”. The last is a reference to the popular animated series “South Park”, one series of which was presented the following business plan: “steal underpants” →? → profit. Musk hinted that he expects interest in his space project government agencies and the private sector.

Roston believes that the businessman underestimates the human factor, even given the fact that he will be able to solve financial and technical problems. In his speech on Tuesday, Musk admitted that, “the first journey will be very dangerous and the risk of death is very high.” “You ready to die? Then you are a candidate for relocation,” said the businessman.

The journalist argues Ariel, Waldman, the Advisor of the program NASA Innovative advanced concepts” and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. She explains that the force of gravity on Mars is one third of the earth, but it is still much more of zero gravity, which will experience the colonists during the flight. As a result, says Waldman, after arrival on Mars people can’t walk, as his muscles atrophy.

With this problem, said Reston, you can handle, but there are more serious. The largest of them is the risk of carcinogenic diseases, because the colonists will be exposed to large amounts of solar and cosmic radiation.

The consequences will depend on characteristics of the organism, age and sex, writes Roston, according to which, threshold safe stay in space is higher for women and young people. He refers to Waldman, which notes that it would be strange to try to minimize the risks from space radiation by sending to Mars, predominantly women around the age of 30 years.

The solution is to strengthen the protection of the spacecraft from radiation and a device on the Mars underground dwellings, writes Roston. He recalled that NASA are trying to mitigate the risks associated with low gravity, isolated, artificial environment and radiation, but the final decision is not found.

Roston notes that Musk during the presentation of his Martian program recognized the risk of radiation exposure, but downplay it, perhaps because the description of space journey sounds more exciting than detail related difficulties.

According to Mask, by 2035, the duration of the trip to Mars will be 80 days. According to the plan of the businessman SpaceX will be able to send to this planet 1 million people, which will require 10 thousand flights. He estimated the cost of the resettlement program to Mars $10 billion.

The first flight under this plan may be held, according to the Mask, not before 2020, but only for the creation of Martian civilization will require from 40 to 100 years.