The Museum in Kaluga passed exported to Germany during the war picture

MOSCOW, September 28 – RIA Novosti. A picture of Russian artist Vasily Golynskaya “fishing”, which was taken to Germany during the Second world war, passed into the collection of the Kaluga regional art Museum.

“You see this picture, this picture of famous Russian painter of the second half of the nineteenth century Basil Golynskaya, which is among the many pieces were stolen and lost during the war. There was little chance that she will ever return to Russia, especially in the Museum, whose collection was before the war,” — said Deputy Minister of culture Alla Manilova during a solemn ceremony of transferring of the picture.

She explained that the painting of the decade was in one of the private meetings, however, a happy coincidence for auction where it was bought by a patron and donated to the Museum.

Golynsky (1854 – 1904) – the native of the Tver province, and studied at the Academy of fine arts. Known as a master of genre paintings.