The lit-up Samsung led to an emergency landing of the aircraft

The plane is Delta Airlines flying from Detroit to Amsterdam, made an emergency landing at Manchester airport in England. The reason was a Samsung tablet, which caught fire on Board avilaynera, TV channel ABC7.

The pilots decided to land the Boeing 767-400 after the cabin started to smoke and there was a pungent smell of burning. As it turned out, during manipulation of the chair lit up a Samsung tablet, wedged between the seats. Most likely it was left by someone from the passengers of the previous flight. Delta confirmed that the fire tablet was manufactured by Samsung, according to The Daily Mail.

After the incident, the plane was stayed in the airport for three hours while the staff was replacing the seat.

Similar cases with the products of the company Samsung happen not for the first time. So in China Galaxy Note 7 of the new party exploded in the hands of its owner. The result of the incident the young man received damage to two fingers.

In early September, Samsung asked the owners of the Galaxy Note 7 with the recommendation to switch off the phone and to exchange them as soon as possible because there is a threat of overheating and fire devices. The reason was problems with the battery inside the smartphone has been installed, the battery is defective.

The company “Aeroflot” advised its passengers not to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the planes and not put them in Luggage. About the same time, the carrier said in his Twitter.