Mason refused to disclose the amount of payments to victims of the terrorist attack in Domodedovo

The owner and head of Board of Directors of Moscow Domodedovo airport refused to disclose the amount paid to the victims of the terrorist attack at the airport. According to him, payments were made not as an admission of guilt, but as a voluntary assistance to the victims.

“This is charity, and the charity that publicly talk about it is not accepted. Assistance to victims is a moral issue, not legal duties. We will continue to help the victims through the Fund, but the amount will not be called,” said Mason.

The owner of Domodedovo explained that the criminal case against him and three current and former managers of Domodedovo were terminated not due to the payment of charitable aid, and for lack of evidence.

As a result, he Mason won the right to seek payment of compensation for criminal prosecution, but to use it, in his own words, im not going to.