African American, wounded by police in California, died

MOSCOW, September 28 — RIA Novosti. A dark-skinned man wounded by police in the U.S. city of El Cajon, California, died, reports CBS.

Earlier it was reported that police received a report of a strange man. According to one of the employees of the restaurant, which recorded the incident on a mobile phone, a patrol asked the suspect to raise his hands above his head, but the man refused to obey. After that the representatives of law enforcement fired several shots at him.

Presumably, the African American kept his hands at waist level. It is also noted that there was the sister of the man who asked him to comply with the requirements of the police.

As told journalists the head of the local police Jeff Davis, when they searched African Americans found no firearms. Bystanders reported that they heard about five shots.

Discussion about the problem of misuse of force by police, especially against African Americans, worsened in the United States in recent years. A number of incidents led to riots. In particular, protests are being held in Charlotte (North Carolina). The occasion was the murder of an African American during a police RAID.