The organizers of the film festival in Sochi will help the integration of Russian cinema

SOCHI, September 26 – RIA Novosti, Genevieve ed. The first international Sochi festival (SIFA) will help you to represent Russia to the West and contribute to the integration of Russian cinema in British and European culture, told reporters the President of SIFA, producer Love Balagova.

For the first time in Russia from 10 to 16 December will be the annual Sochi international film festival. According to organizers, the initiative on holding the international festival in Sochi was supported by the Ministry of culture of Russia and the representative office of MFA of Russia in the UK.

“There should be both the British and the Russians, and, of course, over time we will invite participants from other countries. It is very important that they saw and fell in love with Russia”, — said Balagova, adding that the annual international festival in Sochi will contribute to the development of Russian cinema, especially in British and in European and world film culture.

New festival will bring together leading Russian, British and foreign filmmakers, cultural figures and art. The symbol of the festival will be the messenger of the Olympian gods, a mediator between gods and men, dispersing the clouds and bringing the rainbow in Greek mythology – iris. The winner of the main trophy SIFА will take part in the project “Russian film Week” festival Raindance Film Festival in London.

Within SIFA in Sochi and other Russian cities will be held seminars and master-classes with the participation of British film Directors, actors and producers. And in London and other UK cities will be held seminars and master classes with the famous Russian filmmakers.