The interior Ministry of Ukraine proposes to consolidate the presumption of innocence of the police

KYIV, September 26 — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine initiated the implementation of the presumption of innocence of the police, said on Monday the head of Department Arsen Avakov.

Earlier, during the police reform, the Ukrainian authorities had planned to introduce a rule of presumption of innocence of the police. She suggests that “the policeman is always right” until the court proves otherwise. The initiative has caused negative reviews in the community, therefore the rule was not included in the police reform.

“The imperative of the presumption of innocence of the police have become a social norm! First to obey the police — then obžaluj… In the package of legislative initiatives for ensuring safety, preparing for introduction to Parliament, the interior Ministry will propose to Parliament to implement this provision in the legislative field,” — wrote Avakov on his page in Facebook.

The Minister believes that the police should get more rights. He cited the example of several European countries and also the USA and Canada, where such a rule is valid. Avakov said that “another way of building an effective law enforcement system no.