Media: in China searching for the missing container with a radioactive isotope

BEIJING, September 24 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Bulatov. The Chinese police is searching for the supposedly missing a small container, which contains the radioactive isotope indium-113м, reports on Saturday, the Xinhua news Agency.

As have informed Agency sources in the company Daqing Oilfield Company Limited, a container height of about 20 cm was gone on September 19, during work in the County of Sanyuan in Jilin province.

It is noted that the container presumably lost during transport. The company immediately reported the incident to the local authorities, the police and the office for the protection of the environment, which began a joint search for a container. As noted in management, the contents of the container poses little risk of negative impact on the surrounding environment, but prolonged exposure to the isotopes associated with risk for the human body.

City police Sunyuan announced the award of nearly $ 5 thousand dollars for information which will lead to the detection of the missing container.

Indium belongs to the group of light metals, is the metal silver-white color.