In the U.S. city of Charlotte has introduced a regime of emergency because of the riots

MOSCOW, 22 sen — news. The American Governor of North Carolina Patrick Mccrory announced the state of emergency in the troubled Charlotte.

“Governor Pat Mccrory introduced a state of emergency at the request of the chief of police Charlotte-Mecklenburg Kerr Putney. The Governor also ordered to send (in Charlotte) the national guard of North Carolina and a road patrol to support the local law enforcement authorities”, — reads the statement of the Governor published on the official website.

On Wednesday in renewed protests related to the death of an African American who was shot by the police.

As reported by the local newspaper Charlotte Observer, the first action involving several hundred people was peaceful, but then turned into chaos. According to media reports, police used to disperse the demonstrators with tear gas. Reuters reports that the riots were injured one policeman.

43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott Lamont Scott Keith) was killed on Tuesday evening. According to the police report, patrol during a RAID noticed the armed man emerged from the car, then opened fire on him. From the received wounds the victim has died in hospital.

The riots after the police murder of an African American in North Carolina in the photoblog