The Cabinet is still ripe for the abolition of the “law Savchenko”

The Prime Minister hoped that the government and Parliament must work together to solve this problem

The Cabinet of Ministers intends to initiate cancellation or amendment of the admission of the 1st day of preliminary detention as of 2 days per term of the main penalty the bill, known under the phrase “the law of Savchenko”.

“Filed by one faction, the law named one of the MP has allowed tens of thousands of criminals to get out today to freedom and you will see rape, murder, robberies – most of these people are released on so-called “law Savchenko”…therefore, we must intensify the fight against gangsterism,” he said on ICTV.

According to Groisman, the government and Parliament must work together to solve this problem.

“And the government will in the near future to abolish “the law Savchenko” or to change it”, – said the head of government.

About the need for amendment, or complete abolition of the law say almost immediately after its adoption (in late 2015). As you know, according to this document, the courts must consider a convicted every day in jail, two days of imprisonment. The law does not contain any restrictions on its use, that is, it applies to absolutely all prisoners.

Thanks to the “law Savchenko” outside a number of controversial figures. In addition to former senior officials Igor Zvarych and Victor Lozinski, ahead of schedule was released on 5 thousand 961 people, serving a sentence for a serious crime. In particular, 10 – for crimes against fundamentals of national security, 832 – for the deliberate murder of, 531 – for an intentionally serious bodily injury, 1120 – for robbery, 863 – for robbery and 1340 for theft.