Bombs in new York were stuffed with striking elements

A bomb exploded yesterday in Niu York, was Packed with striking elements, reports the New York Times, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

Submunitions were in exploded on the Manhattan bomb and an explosive device that was found by the police.

Police found the bomb was made from a pressure cooker, mobile phone and Christmas garlands, an exploded bomb was Packed with ball bearings. The device of the bombs was to maximize the number of victims, writes the New York Times.

In addition, according to the NYT, the police found the man, which can be associated with the explosion. However, it is not an official suspect.

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The explosion in the center of new York

On Saturday evening, September 17, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, an explosion occurred. The device was put in the dumpster. According to police, injured 29 people, one of them…

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The evening of 17 September in new York city center in Manhattan explosion, which injured 29 people. Presumably, the device detonated in a trash container.

Evidence linking the incident in Manhattan with no terrorism, said the mayor of new York bill De Blasio, but he called the explosion a “deliberate action”.