Syria called on the UN Security Council to condemn the “aggression” from the United States

The Syrian foreign Ministry appealed to the UN Security Council with a demand to condemn “aggression” from the United States, reports Reuters , citing a statement broadcast by the Syrian TV channels.

In addition, the Agency demanded that Washington should respect the sovereignty of Syria.

Previously, the command of the Armed forces of Syria called US airstrike on positions of the Syrian forces “open aggression”. In addition, the Ministry of defense of Syria said that as a result of destruction of soldiers and loss of military equipment” “paved the way” for attacks on positions of the Syrian army terrorists of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia).

The US defense Department promised to find out all the circumstances that led to the current situation and noted that coalition aircraft would not intentionally inflict strikes on the positions of the Syrian army.

About U.S. strikes on positions of government troops in Syria became known on September 17. As a result of the strikes killed 62 Syrian soldiers, about a hundred were injured, reported the Ministry of defence. The Syrian Observatory for human rights, based in London, said about at least 80 dead soldiers of the Syrian army