Smirnov: linked to cyber attacks on WADA with one or another country is wrong

MOSCOW, 15 sen — news. Independent public anti-doping Commission (PLA) is in constant contact with the leadership of WADA on the situation with cyber attacks, is ready to assist this organization in carrying out a comprehensive investigation, linked the attacks with the government of a particular country is wrong, said the head of the PLA Vitaly Smirnov.

“In this regard, I would like to say that in the modern world, cyber attacks are a global problem, and I think it would be wrong to immediately associate them with the government of a particular country. However, we believe it is important to stress that we are categorically against any cyber-attacks qualify such actions as illegal and are ready to assist WADA to conduct a comprehensive investigation,” — said Smirnov.

“To determine how the development and distribution of cyber-attacks requires appropriate technical information on the IT resources of WADA possibly other available information that we have requested. Roskomnadzor assured us that the investigation of this issue is willing to involve other public authorities. We have to admit that these cyber attacks significantly undermine our joint efforts with WADA to normalize relations. And I hope that soon the criminals will be found and they will be applied appropriate measures”, — said Smirnov.

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