RCDS opened a case on the survivors of a drowned near Chelyabinsk tank

Investigators opened a criminal case against two soldiers who escaped from the wreck during the tank exercises in the Chelyabinsk region. This was announced by the head of the human rights organization “soldiers also have the right to” Alexei Kovalev, reports “Interfax”.

The human rights activist said that on August 23, three soldiers practiced the maneuver a special “tank driving under water” at the Chebarkul range near Chelyabinsk. When you perform a maneuver in the tank started to fill water and there was flooding. Two soldiers managed to get out through the hatch, and the driver-mechanic pulled unconscious. Four days he was in a coma and survived clinical death.

According to Kovalev, against two soldiers who managed to escape from the tank, a criminal case under part 1 of article 350 of the criminal code (violation of rules of driving or operating combat, special or transport vehicles, which entailed by negligence the infliction of grave harm to human health).

According to investigators, they opened the hatch and provoked the flooding of the tank. “But, according to my clients, the water in the tank started to fall from above but from below. And Luke, they opened to be saved,” — said Kovalev. He concluded that the guilt of military personnel in violation of rules of driving a tank there.