Putin has explained the reluctance of negotiations in the “Norman format”

Press Secretary Peskov expressed the opinion that there is nothing to discuss, because “no specific issues”

The press Secretary of the head of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov said that the meeting of leaders “channel four” makes no sense, because there is no specific issues.

“In the case, if there was the prospect of discussing substantive, specific issues related to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, then, of course, it makes sense to hold a meeting “Norman Quartet” at the highest level,” Interfax quoted Peskov.

For such meetings, he said, “we need a situation where there will be real questions for discussion.

“Actually, this was referred to the talks between President Putin and Chancellor of Germany Angela) Merkel and President (Francois) Hollande in China,” added the spokesman.

As previously reported, Poroshenko is preparing to meet with Putin in Berlin.

On 5 September, Putin announced his version of the meeting with Poroshenko.