With the world’s largest cruise ship fell the boat with people

One person was killed and four were seriously injured when falling of the boat with the world’s largest cruise ship Harmony of the Seas, according to the French newspaper Le Provance. According to the publication, the incident occurred in the port of Marseille.

The boat, which was carrying five people fell from the height of the fifth layer. The incident occurred in the course of the exercise emergency evacuation, which was held for the crew of a cruise ship.

Harmony of the Seas was built at the shipyard of the French city Saint-Nazaire by order of the tourist company Royal Caribbea and in may went to the first cruise.

Now the liner is the largest passenger vessel in the world. Its length is 362 m, width 66 m, height — 72 m. the ship can accommodate up to 6.3 million passengers and 2.1 thousand crew members.