Tinder surprise: how’s the Dating service used for recruitment

In October 2013, Jessica Corbin, 27-year-old graduate student at the University of California Los Angeles, downloaded the mobile Dating app Tinder. Jessica wasn’t looking for a mate, she wrote a thesis on the sociology of online Dating (Dating sites).

App Tinder uses the profile information to Facebook or Instagram. It shows people over the age of 18 in a radius of 150 km, and unlike normal Dating sites there is no need to fill out some form, and you can only communicate with those who are interested in you. Profile a minimum of the 100 characters and photo. You can restrict the selection by sex and age. If the photo you like, flick to the right, not like the left. After the mutual “likes” (“swipe”) opens a chat.

The Corbin has listol right photo 20-year-old Shawn red, not knowing that he was one of the founders of Tinder. But instead of asking you out the Corbin received an offer to become a corporate sociologist Tinder. The girl working there still, according to Los Angeles Magazine.

Sean red’s not the only businessman who uses technology Dating to find employees. In the West, in the selection of staff is widely used Arsenal, already proven in the industry of Dating. The most common example is the interview format AIDS Dating. The table has recruiter and applicant. To communicate they have no more than five minutes. When the time expires, the bell rings and the applicant is transplanted at the table to the next recruiter.

As the Financial Times, recruiters are Deutsche Bank invite all candidates to take an online survey. Data is processed, and then on their basis there is a model of behavior of the applicant, is associated with the results of those who are already working in the company. Receive those who are psychologically compatible with other employees.

Recruiters have to resort to different tricks, getting popular people who are not currently looking for work. Many securities experts are not posting resumes on traditional sites like Headhunter “Job.<url>” and in “business” social network LinkedIn. First, employers may negatively react to it, and secondly, good employees are often really satisfied with everything.

Known cases when headhunters get a meeting with a potential candidate under the guise of his clients. “When working with sales Suite, for PRADA, for example, went on luxury shopping and pretended to be the buyer, creating a tricky situation, the candidates were selected,” recalls his recruiting experience Maria Kovalchuk, Director of business development GetIntet.

Used and more sophisticated schemes. For example, Evgeny Terentiev, technical Director of the company Bicitender, looking for employees, somehow asked the attendant to print your tasks on computer and sent it to conference on IT security in banks. There he asked the people to help solve problems, ostensibly to his son, a high school senior. “One of the volunteers became our employee,” says Terentev.

In the trendy Dating app Tinder to search for successful professionals have discovered its advantages. According to the service SocialDataHub in 2015 in Moscow among users of this service were about 220 thousand 128 thousand men and women Tinder. The backbone of the audience looks for Headhunter appetizing men about 30 years old who love gadgets.

Market Dating

Tinder was created in 2012. In the world it is used more than 100 million people. In Russia, the app began to gain popularity during the winter Olympics in Sochi.

Capacity Dating market in Russia, according to J’son & Partners Consulting, reached us $50 million — mobile services receive 15% of revenue. Among the leaders, the Mamba, LovePlanet, Wamba, Topface, Teamo, Pure, Tinder and Badoo.

The mysterious employer

In 2015, Evgeny Saveliev, co-owner of LTD “Open technologies”, engaged in search of programmers and account managers. His company works with large data sets — exploring the markets and offers business strategy. The state had 30 people, mostly analysts, but shots are not enough.

<p>co-Owner LLC ” Otkrytye tekhnologii&rdquo; Evgeny Saveliev</p>
Photo: Oleg Yakovlev/RBC


Co-owner LLC “Otkrytye tekhnologii” Evgeniy Saveliev

Savelyev has opened last year an office in Togliatti. According to entrepreneur, the average rate of the developer there is 30-50 thousand rubles, several times lower than in Moscow. But how to find programmers? Savelyev looked at the sites for the job search suitable candidates was not there, and contact the recruiters was expensive. By estimations of the businessman, each closed job would have cost him 50 thousand rubles.

Savelyev decided to try Tinder. The entrepreneur has bought three Chinese smartphone for 9 thousand rubles, started the “female” accounts — photo asked the cute girlfriends. Profile wrote that is recruiting staff, and started flipping to the right all in a row. Chats also led on behalf of the girls. The first thing I asked what a potential candidate does. Then specify place of work and offered a job. If the guy agreed, offered to Skype (call, however, for the employee Eugene). After the call was invited for a personal meeting, and only for it candidates learn that all this time corresponded with a man. Was a little upset, but the offer was often accepted.

The programmer Dmitry Kuznetsov made an account on Tinder to meet women, and found a new job at Saveliev. Knowing that behind the mask of a girl hiding Eugene, laughed for a long time. “I appreciated the creative approach,” — says Kuznetsov.

In the first month of the experiment, the entrepreneur has hired five employees. Problem was only two. In order to circumvent the standard rules and change the location from Moscow to Togliatti, had to have a paid account. And many sides of business communication is offered of obscenity.

“We now have ten phones. When the analyst have nothing to do, he sits and texting with Tinder, Privet (Russian clone of Tinder. — RBC) and Pure (an application for sex Dating. — RBC), “—says Savel’ev. During the year the entrepreneur found Tinder 18 employees for the company and about the same for businesses customers.

The app helped to save about 900 thousand rubles. on the fees of the recruiters and allowed to find new customers. The first client was the owner of a construction company. Savelyev also all on behalf of the girls asked him what he knows about the competitors. It turned out that almost nothing. So the entrepreneur sold marketing research cost 800 thousand rubles.

Similarly Evgeny Savelyev has already sold five studies — four clients from Tinder and one of the Privet. App for finding partner for sex, Pure yet have not brought results. Average check transactions from 500 thousand to 1.5 million rubles.

The entrepreneur acts on the verge, but the legislation of the Russian Federation does not break, said the lawyer Alexei Ponomarev: “there is only the moral aspect of deception. But it is not considered neither in Criminal nor in Civil codes. Just not very clear how people will work in a company where the interview began with deception”.

Business pickup

Alexei Borisov, partner gift company “BILLA” and organizer of the school of public performances ACT, frequently use Tinder for other purposes, although not under the guise of women. After examining the target audience of the application, he came to the conclusion that 80% of users are workaholics who are looking for new acquaintances, often not only romantic. Boris decided to take advantage of it and began to search through the application employees, partners and freelancers.

<p>Partner gift company &ldquo;BILLA&rdquo; and&nbsp;the organizer of the school of public speaking ACT Alexei Borisov</p>
Photo: Oleg Yakovlev/RBC


Partner gift company “BILLA” and organizer of the school of public performances ACT Alexei Borisov

“Application for Dating — the social network for interests, and recruiting through the “Vkontakte” and Facebook has already become habitual. For the company recruiting Dating services may be the way to look unhackneyed, to awaken interest among the candidates. If the company needs young, ambitious, and until the family shots, the chance to meet them there the maximum,” — says CEO of app Privet Irina Kuznetsova.

To find assistant, Alexei Borisov placed in a profile position, have set the age filter at 18-25 years and started “liking” everyone. “I advise everyone to say the app is always “Yes,” and if suddenly something goes wrong, you can always say “Ciao” and remove a couple”, — tells Borisov. On searches of the gone week, the assistant still works.

One interview takes about ten minutes. In General the scheme is simple: given the purpose of the search is edited profile description configures the filter (age, gender, region), followed by a mass of “likes”. After the mutual “likes” entrepreneur advises to write first. According SocialDataHub, only one of the 128 girls can write first.

But first, Borisov proposes to study the profile of the interlocutor, to identify his interests and start a dialogue with reference to him, not with the banal “how are you?”. The second question is about employment and work. If you were able to find a common language, then it should offer to meet.

Over six months 1500 Borisov held a chat with 1000 people met in person, and 300 acquaintances anyway helped his business. One entrepreneur needed a master on polymers. Three months worth of searches by traditional methods proved futile. The solution was found in Tinder. One of the interviewees just wrote a scientific work on polymers. She helped with finding people in the scientific community.

According to Borisov, he’s IMing with Tinder for an hour a day in your free time. To fill the vacancy and to find the right person sometimes managed in a day. Friends from Tinder ready to help for free or for a nominal reward. So, the photographer had a free shot, and the designer prepared a presentation for the international exhibition in Dubai.

Social adaptation

Social networks often acquire new functionality, which is often not imagined by their creators. For example, Facebook was created as a Dating website for Harvard students, but in the end, the network has reached the whole world. “VKontakte” began to function as phylogenesis and online movie theatre: according to the Evangelist, “Vkontakte” albert Usmanov, in 2015, 4% of the audience used the social network as an online player, despite the struggle with the pirates of Roskomnadzor.

YouTube site for sharing Amateur video has grown into a global online cinema where short movies are often spread professional Studio and advertising Agency. Vlogery shoot a short video with answers to popular questions, create thematic channels, and earn on advertising.

Twitter was surprisingly good for the organization of mass actions, and the most popular and fastest growing platform for promotion of goods — Instagram. Online stores have transformed the idea of publishing photos and short clips into a tool to solve business problems.

Date for sale

Alena Vladimirskaya, the founder of the HR Agency Pruffi, decided to use Tinder to promote career courses “Antipasto”. She was convinced that men with problems at work tend to flirt and cheating. This assumption is confirmed, the doctor of sociological Sciences Sergey Samygin, “Sometimes a new novel is designed to raise the self-esteem of men after setbacks in their careers and serves as a means of psychological compensation.”

<p>the Founder of the HR Agency Pruffi Alyona Vladimirskaya</p>
Photo: Oleg Yakovlev/RBC


The founder of the HR Agency Pruffi Alena Vladimirskaya

Vladimir decided that the promotion can engage girls aged 18-30 who are using the app and residing in Moscow. According to the plan, Alena girl would deal with men, learned about the work and if it’s bad, offered to undergo Antipasto” with a five percent discount. For every customer the girl would receive 10% of the check, which is about 1500 rubles.

To find suitable girls, in Vladimir had to start an account with Tinder. First, she tried to use the fake page in Facebook, but it was blocked the first day. Had to have a real account. Headhunter was a little embarrassed that more than 140 thousand subscribers know that a well-known entrepreneur in the service for Dating looking for young girls, but Vladimir decided to take a chance.

Alena spoke personally with the girls and eventually invited nine potential candidates. The selection criteria was simple: good looks, competent speech, a broad Outlook. Virtual communication was limited to General conversation about the Affairs and interests, and only at the meeting, the girls learned what is required of them. Meet Vladimir in person came seven girls. One of the girls refused to work, others have been training and even played a few of the possible situations.

The results were unpredictable. Only two girls kept in touch with Vladimir. And one of them brought to the course his father, and the second five suitors. The experiment ended. According to Alena, will not be repeated.

Vladimir believes that Tinder’s hard to find employees in the company: “Nowhere we have about ourselves there is not so much lying as in Dating services. We want to look better, prettier, smarter, more successful. Often write wrong names, wrong job, not the income. Embellish photo”, — says Alena Vladimirskaya. The Dating app is a good tool for the selection of performers of a specific task, not a way of finding permanent employees.

The next step in the development of recruiting Vladimir considers the replacement of recruiters bots. The robots will be able to find all the possible candidates from hundreds of databases simultaneously, and most importantly, they have no personal preferences.