Journalist, “Kommersant” Markin accused of plagiarism

The special correspondent of “Kommersant” Ilya Barabanov on his page on Facebook accused the official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin plagiarism. We are talking about the text of the journalist, published in 2008 in the journal the New Times and allegedly used by Markin in the book “The loudest crimes of the XXI century in Russia”.

That the book can be used text Barabanov, a journalist told his colleagues from the “Novaya Gazeta”.

The screenshots, which were published Reels shown of his articles and excerpts from the book Markin.

Russian service Bi-bi-si asked for comments to the reception Markina, where the journalists were advised to send a formal request. Markin himself was not available for the call.

Earlier, on September 7, plagiarism Markin has accused the journalist “the New newspaper” Hope Trusenkova. The representative of the UK responded to the accusations on his Twitter page, wishing good luck to those who want to “unwind” on its name, and called Prusenkova “to anyone except your marshes are not known and need zhurnalistskoe”, for which he later apologized. In a conversation with RBC journalist Trusenkova said that he would not sue Markin. According to her, the fact that “assesses General writer.”