In the Crimea was called “the squeak of a mosquito” “large” claim of Ukraine to Russia

The lawsuit, which Kiev plans to submit to Moscow, similar to the “cowardly annoying squeak of a mosquito”, said Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbec.

In an interview with “RIA Novosti” he said, “Such claims are more like the annoying squeak of a mosquito cowardly. The Ukrainian government, realizing the futility of intimidation of the Crimean people moved to the legal attacks on Russia.”

Balbec suggested that Ukraine will not be able to obtain economic and territorial concessions, and it “understands” European lawyers. He also added that this process could be delayed, and then in Ukraine, in his opinion, “the power of change or the judge will leave for retirement”.

Vice Prime Minister also added that such claims have no legal force, and urged Kiev to act in the interests of the Ukrainian people, which for centuries has linked the brotherhood with the peoples of Russia”.

The intention to submit a “massive” lawsuit against Russia earlier in the morning said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. He explained that the lawsuit will be filed in the framework of the UN Convention on the law of the sea, which, according to Kiev, violating the Russian side. Klimkin also said that this lawsuit will involve issues of the use of marine space, environmental security and cultural heritage.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin knows about Ukraine’s intention to file a claim. He stressed that if that happens, “there will be some legal countermeasures”.