The court did not block Zayс because of the songs.

Music website Zayс agreed about the agreement with the record company “Velvet music”, which accused the portal that he illegally distributed phonogram Konstantin Meladze, reports “RIA Novosti” from the courtroom.

The Agency notes that initially the plaintiff demanded a lifetime of site blocking, but then went to meet the defendant. “Zayс entered into a license agreement and can now legally distribute the data of a phonogram” — said the Agency representative of the site Pavel Katkov.

He said that before the portal was a pirate, but now with all the right holders signed the settlement agreement, and the music is distributed legally.

In may 2015 in Russia came into force the anti-piracy amendment to block the sites for the distribution of unlicensed content. In January 2016, under the new rules, were blocked popular torrent tracker

Company “Velvet music” was founded in 2004 by the sister of Konstantin Meladze Vine and Alena Mikhailova. She cooperates with several Russian artists, including Valery Meladze, Eva Polna, Vera Brezhneva, the group “VIA Gra”, etc.