Military-industrial Bank asked the court to recognize the actions of the Central Bank illegal

The arbitration court of Moscow has accepted to consideration the claim of the Military-industrial Bank (VPB) to the Bank of Russia with a request to recognize the decisions and actions of the regulator are illegal. The filing, published on the official website of the Moscow Arbitration court.

Statements, which describes all the details of the treatment, on the web portal yet. The defendant provided the Bank of Russia on TSFO.

9 Sep sources “RIA Novosti” reported about disabling the Military-industrial Bank of the electronic payment system of the Bank of Russia (BESP). The financial institution explained the reason of impossibility of payment held at the Bank the software update.

7 Sep VPB has stopped issuing deposits. The Bank has imposed restrictions on cash withdrawals from deposits and from Bank cards and stopped taking new money citizens. In the organization assured that operations will be resumed after collection, and later said that all the Bank’s offices operate in the normal mode.

According to the portal in their big assets in Russia occupies 93-e a place. As of August 1, the size of its assets amounted to more than 60,3 billion roubles, the Volume of obligations to physical persons, specifies “Interfax”, on August 1, amounted to RUB 30.7 billion, including