The IMF brought the period of consideration of the question of the next tranche to Ukraine

The international monetary Fund has included the issue of allocation of the next tranche of financial assistance to Ukraine in the agenda of the meeting, on 14 September, Reuters reports, citing the IMF.

Last week the representative of the Fund said that a decision on disbursement of a tranche can only be made in the second half of the month. Thus, the Fund approximated the period of consideration of the question, says the Agency.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also announced the consideration of the September 14 issue of the new tranche. “At the end of my conversation with Christine Lagarde, the international monetary Fund formally included the consideration of a question on granting of the next tranche to Ukraine in its agenda for September 14”, — he wrote on his page in Facebook.

The Agency reminds that the decision on the allocation of this tranche was postponed in the fall of 2015, but after that Kiev launched promised to the Western creditors of the anti-corruption system of electronic declaring of incomes of state officials.

In may 2016, it became known that the IMF agreed with Ukraine the conditions for obtaining the next tranche of a total volume of $17.5 billion, the Fight against corruption is the main conditions of allocation of funding. Last year Kiev received two tranches totaling $6.7 billion.