Of the candidate in presidents of the United States was puzzled by the question of Aleppo

The candidate for President of the United States from the libertarian party Gary Johnson to a reporter’s question about his actions on resolving the situation in Aleppo, if elected, said: “what is Aleppo?”. The interview was broadcast on the TV channel MSNBC.

To a journalist’s question, whether he was not joking, Johnson replied in the negative. Then the reporter told him that Aleppo is a city in Syria, which is the epicenter of the migration crisis.” Then Johnson said, “OK, got it, got it”. “I think that the only way to resolve the situation in Syria is joining efforts with Russia”, — continued the candidate.

Later, Johnson issued a statement in which he explained that he took the word “Aleppo” for the acronym. “Can I name all the cities of Syria? No. If I had to know Aleppo? Yes. Do I understand its value? Yes,” the message reads.

The former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson was the first official candidate for the US presidency in 2016. The last time Johnson was engaged in business, in particular, was the Executive Director of Cannabis Sativa, which is engaged in the sale of medical marijuana in those States where permitted by law.