RusHydro denied the plan for conversion of subsidiary in parent company

The proposal to make “RAO ES of the East”, which are saddled with huge debts, the parent company “RusGidro” at the moment is not considered and not discussed, told RBC employee of the press service of “RusHydro”.

He recalled the statement of President Vladimir Putin, who said at the Eastern economic forum, RusHydro will retain its autonomy after the occurrence of the new investor in its capital and will not be sold in transactions on merge and absorption.

“RAO ES of the East” — 100% far East subsidiary of RusHydro, its debt is 90 billion rubles On the idea of making it the parent company “RusHydro” on Sunday, September 4, wrote “Vedomosti”. According to sources, RusHydro might transfer 100% of the company to the state, and the Agency that owns 66,83% of shares of “RusHydro”, is to buy the issue of “RAO ES of the East” and to pay its shares of “RusHydro”. In the end, “RAO ES of the East” would be the parent company “RusHydro” and could get her dividends — then the far Eastern company will no longer need handouts from the state. A similar option already tested on FGC and Russian grids”.

The Ministry has considered this option economically viable and worthy of study, reported TASS with reference to the representative of the Ministry. Besides the official financial-economic bloc of the government told RBC that this idea continues to be discussed in the government.

A year ago, the government agreed to another way of salvation, RusHydro, VTB, had to buy an additional issue of 85 billion rubles. it was Supposed that VTB will receive in its capital to 20%, and management “RusGidro” will commit themselves to optimize costs and increase dividend yield, reported by the company. It is also considered an option under which Rosneftegaz bought an additional issue of RusHydro 55 billion rubles, but, according to the head of “RusGidro” Nikolay Shulginov, he’s not up for discussion.

Now preparing a new variant of capitalization. It provides for the granting of the company of RUB 40 billion in exchange for 15% of the shares and the sale of 4.88% Treasury stock another 15 billion rubles, told Shulginov in an interview to “Kommersant”. He also told reporters that the company will soon offer all the state-owned banks to participate in this transaction.