Markin said the journalist “the New newspaper” on the theft charge text

Official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin in his Twitter commented on the accusations of the journalist “the New newspaper” hope of Prusenkova in his address about the theft of the text.

In his message, he wished good luck to those who wants to get publicity on his behalf. However, he noted that for those who want “this is the first and only opportunity.”

Markin also wrote that the description of the specific circumstances that were specified in the materials of the criminal case and announced in court, may be similar, because “this is not someone’s fiction, but true facts”.

Earlier on September 7, Trusenkova accused Markina to use its text in his book without permission. She said that the use of text that is representative of the TFR published in the book “The loudest crimes of the XXI century in Russia”, was not allowed by the editors “the New newspaper”. Was also not signed any agreement for the use of these materials in the book no reference to open sources.

According to Prusenkova, to steal the lyrics of the newspaper is “quite absurd and cynical.” In addition, she told RBC that does not intend to apply for Markin to the court. “The statement of fact assesses the General writer. I don’t need no satisfaction from Markina,” added the journalist.

Book Markin “The loudest crimes of the XXI century in Russia” was launched on 1 September. The history described in the book based on the materials of criminal cases investigated by the investigators of the TFR.