Found on Moskvoretskaya embankment the criminal cases to be destroyed

Materials of criminal cases, which found people on the embankment in Central Moscow to be destroyed. About it “RIA Novosti” has informed the head a press-services of Moscow city court Ulyana Solopova.

Materials were archived, the retention period has expired, and they were transferred to the judicial Department for disposal, said Solopova. She also noted that the discarded documents were not the materials of criminal cases decided on the merits, but only materials generated during the investigation phase.

This procedure destruction of documents in which the part destroyed by the court staff, and the rest is passed to eliminate organizations that support the activities of the courts, and is private to the user, added the representative of the court.

“Was made the act of acceptance-transfer of archival documents to be destroyed. Persons responsible for the transportation procedure, and the procedure for the destruction of archival papers after the signing of the act were employees of the judicial Department, which are not subject Mosgorsuda,” said Solopova.

On the eve of the Agency “Moscow” reported the discovery near one of houses on the Moscow river embankment piles of papers that turned out to be the criminal records and their copies.

In early June in the center of Moscow found the discarded questionnaires of clients of Sberbank of personal data. Sberbank confirmed the fact that the documents were thrown out, and explained that it happened by mistake.