In the MOE called “fiction” messages about the possible subordination of the Ministry of defense

The emergencies Ministry denied the information about possible reorganization and perepodchinenie Department of the defence Ministry. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the official representative of EMERCOM of Alexei Walutowych.

“This information is distributed to the media, is a figment of the imagination of dreamers,” — said the representative of the MOE.

Vagotonic noted that the President and the government of Russia approved the plans and program of development of emergency situations until 2020. According to him, currently work is progressing on the development plans of the Ministry of emergency situations up to 2030. In addition, he recalled the decree of the President of Russia, which defined the maximum number of staff of the MOE, and was adopted the law on service in the Federal fire service.

“The two ministries have completely different functions and tasks. The MOE was created to protect the population and territories from emergency situations, prevention and elimination of consequences of natural disasters, provision of fire safety. MOE is also responsible for the coordination of all services in this sphere”, — said Vagotonic.

On 4 September, the radio station “Moscow speaking” reported that the MOE can reassign the Ministry of defence. The source of the radio station noted, this assumption was voiced during a meeting of command staff, Russian defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.