Box office receipts at Russian cinemas over the summer set a record

The audience in the cinema

Total box office in movie theaters of Russia and other CIS countries in June—August 2016 12.9 billion rubles, according to data of the “Bulletin of film distributors.” This was 7% higher compared to the summer of 2014, which, as the newspaper notes, so far was a record.

For three summer months the inhabitants of the CIS countries visited the movie of 54.5 million times, which is 5% higher than the previous record, recorded in the summer of 2013, and 12% the result the summer of 2015, said “Booker’s Bulletin”.

However, about 92% of all viewers in the CIS countries amounted to the Russians, who went to the movies 50.1 million times and tickets paid for RUB 12 billion (93% of the total box office in CIS).

The most grossing films of last summer, according to the publication, were the two released in August of the picture. “Suicide squad” in a few weeks gathered in Russia and other CIS countries 1,593 billion rubles, and the cartoon “the secret life of Pets” – 1,742 billion rubles In the third place entrenched released in Russian cinemas on 9 June, “the Illusion of Deception-2”, the total box-office which amounted to almost 1.1 billion rubles.

The share of Russian-made films accounted for only 2% of the summer fees. Cash most of them were released in the June Comedy “Breakfast dad” (75 mln rubles) and “Classmates” (51 mln). In August, domestic horror “Diggers” earned 41 million rubles.

Earlier on Monday, the service “Yandex.Money” reported that this summer the average across Russia the payment for the purchase of movie tickets made through “Yandex.The cashier was 649 RUB compared to last summer, the number of payments for movie tickets has almost doubled, said Yandex.Money.”

By the end of 2015, the most successful among the Russian companies became the company Art Pictures Studio, whose principal owner is Fedor Bondarchuk. According to research Movie Research for the year total collection released seven Studio Art Pictures paintings made in Russia more than 1.54 billion RUB.