Apple will stop supporting iPhone 4 since September 13

From September 13, 2016 Apple will stop supporting iPhone 4 CDMA from this point the device will be considered obsolete and will not be served outside of California.

Currently, regular updated Apple list in USA obsolete and out of circulation the rest of the world gadgets are the iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS. Within the next month the list will add 20-inch iMac release 2009, Mac mini and Mac mini Server (2010). Simultaneously, the 13-inch MacBook 2008 sample, as well as iPod shuffle 2G (2007-2008), iPod classic 120 Gb, iPod touch 2G and iPod nano 4G will be transferred to the number of out-of-circulation around the world.

According to the norms of the Apple gadgets are considered obsolete, discontinued more than five but less than seven years ago, devices discontinued more than seven years ago, received the status of “released from service”. Repair end-of-life gadgets is virtually impossible, since service companies are not able to get spare parts.