Naryshkin urged not to blame “overseas meanness” in ruts on the roads

Chairman of the State Duma of the sixth convocation and the candidate from “United Russia” Sergey Naryshkin urged not to blame “overseas meanness” in ruts on the Russian roads and other problems whose solution depends only on us.” He said this during the election debate on TV channel “Russia-1”.

“With all of the interdependence of domestic and foreign policy of course, we should not blame all our problems on overseas meanness and external threats”, — Naryshkin said (quoted by TASS).

“Of course, potholes on the roads, rusty water at the tap or cold battery of steam heating — it depends only on us. With all the external threats the growth of industrial and agricultural production, the quality and extent of import substitution, the pace of development of social sphere depend only on us,” he said (quoted by TASS).

The politician concluded that all of these tasks and many others are associated with the presence of Russia’s own efficient technologies, so it’s important to support the intellectual work and creativity and to ensure the highest level of the Russian education and science.

Naryshkin headed the list “an United Russia” in Leningrad region, and also stands as the single-seat districts. Duma elections will be held September 18, 2016 in a single day of voting.