In North Korea, executed Deputy Prime Minister for education

In North Korea, executed Deputy Prime Minister for education Kim Yoon-Jin. In addition, had been reprimanded two other high-ranking officials, reports Reuters.

In particular, got reprimanded Kim Yong Chol, an influential leader of the United front Department of the North, who oversaw relations with South Korea. He was subjected to “revolutionary measures”, said press Secretary of the Ministry of unification of Korea Chung Joon-hee.

Earlier, South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo daily reported that in North Korea in early August, was Reuters. According to the publication, we are talking about the former Minister of agriculture Hwang Mina and a senior official from the Ministry of education Lee Yong-gin. The newspaper adds that Hwang was executed due to the fact that his policy proposals were regarded as a challenge to Kim Jong Ynu, and Jean was caught by the fact that “nodding off” during a meeting with the head of state. More information on the RBC:”>publicly executed two high-ranking officials. One behind policy proposals that have been deemed as disobeying Kim Jong Ynu, the second for that fell asleep at the meeting.

The unification Ministry is a Ministry of South Korea, which deals with the question of the reunification of Korea.