Tim cook has criticized the European Commission’s decision on additional tax assessment

Apple CEO Tim cook criticized the decision of the European Commission that Ireland should demand from the company additional payments of taxes of €13 billion, as she allegedly provided illegal tax benefits. The position he outlined in a letter to the European Apple employees, which leads CNBC.

According to cook, the decision of the European Commission “is unprecedented and has serious, far-reaching consequences”. As noted by Apple CEO, the European regulator “, in fact, offered to replace the Irish tax legislation the Commission’s view on how the legislation should be.”

Cook expressed confidence that the Commission’s decision will be reviewed, noting that Ireland had already stated its intention to appeal. Apple will do well, added the head of the company.

The businessman stressed that the most negative consequences of the decision of the European Commission will have to invest in Europe and create new jobs. Apple chief believes that any company in Ireland and throughout Europe as a result faced the threat of being taxed by laws that never existed.

The decision of the European Commission, published on 30 August, argues that Ireland gave Apple illegal tax benefits that allowed the company to pay income tax at the rate of 1% and below. Cook, for his part, said that this allegation has no factual or legal basis.

Apple CEO added that the company plans to continue to invest in Ireland. “We firmly believe that the facts and basic legal principles on which the EU was founded, in the end will prevail,” concluded cook.