The driver was fined for crossing a solid line to the glare of the spotlight

Camera commit violations of traffic rules

The driver of Nissan Dmitry Voronin told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that on 20 July I received a fine from traffic police for leaving the sidelines. In this photo from a surveillance camera shows that the car moved on his band, and the solid line marking “crossed” a highlight from his right headlight.

Violation was recorded in the 55-th km of MKAD in spite of rainy weather.

According to the driver, at the beginning of August, he filed a complaint in the traffic police, which by law, the Agency must respond within 30 days. However, so far no response from traffic police was received.

August 29, a resident of Moscow announced the fine, which came to him because of the continuous marking line across the shadow of his car. Traffic police said that the fine will be cancelled as erroneous.