Sobyanin promised a month’s free travel.

Travel on the Moscow Central ring (MCK) on which the motion is scheduled to open in September, within a month after launch will be free. This was reported in his Twitter the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

“In September we will open the movement to #ICC. Decided that a month after launch you can ride free all day,” he wrote.

Sobyanin explained that this month the government will collect proposals and remarks of Muscovites in ring work. “The greatest implement them”, — he stressed.

The Moscow Central ring — “a new kind of convenient ground transportation for rapid movement in Moscow,” according to its website. Traffic on the ICC, as reported by the mayor, will open September 10. Passengers will initially be able to use 24 of 31 stations. At the second stage — till the end of the year plans to open seven stations.

The length of the ring is 54 km away, 17 of 31 stations have a connection to the underground and 10 suburban trains. By the beginning of the passenger traffic on the ring 14 will be direct underground and six direct commuter trains.