Moscow authorities have begun work on a list for a third wave of demolition of unauthorized construction

The Moscow authorities have started formation of the list for the third phase of the demolition of buildings recognized by the squatter. About TASS said the press service of the state Inspectorate for Affairs of Moscow real estate.

The press service added that this is “normal routine.” Press Secretary explained that talking about the emergence of a new list of objects will be possible only when the interdepartmental Commission will decide on them. In this connection authorities of the capital are unable to pinpoint when this list will be published.

On the night of August 29, Moscow hosted a second wave of sites recognized by the squatter. Will be demolished only 107 of these buildings.

Prior to that, about 30 owners of the trading pavilions has agreed to demolish their facilities voluntarily. For the Department of economic policy and development of Moscow has promised to pay to 55.5 thousand rubles per square meter. However, in an interview with RBC, the entrepreneurs did not agree with this assessment. In their opinion, for the money to buy the same area of commercial property on the outskirts of the city.

The buildings were demolished and in the center of the capital — near the metro station “Kropotkinskaya”, “Street of 1905” and on many other streets and near other subway stations.

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