The police said about the disappearance of the Roma after the pogroms in the Ukrainian village

Representatives of the Roma left the village Loshchynivka in the Odessa area, after there were riots in their homes after the murder of the child. This was announced on Monday by the speaker of the main Directorate of the National police in the Odessa region Anastasia Yakubenko, the TV channel NewsOne.

“Yesterday, at the General meeting it was decided that this morning will be sent special vehicles and Roma will be able to get my stuff. Now, however, there is no one there and no one picks up,” said Yakubenko.

That Roma agreed to leave the Loshchynivka, on the eve announced the head of the Izmail district state administration Valentina Stoykova. She said that on Monday morning the police will ensure the protection of living in the village of Roma, so they could easily take your stuff.

The conflict in Loshchynivka broke out after 27 August in one of the abandoned houses was found the body of girls born in 2007 with obvious signs of violent death. On suspicion of the murder of a child detained 20-the summer local resident from among the representatives of the Roma nationality.

Learning about the incident, villagers staged pogroms of houses of the Roma and stopped only once intervened in the situation by the local authorities. The villagers demanded to evict Roma from Loshchynivka. It was reported that many of the neighbors of the detainee on suspicion in murder of the girls in advance, left the village.