At the chemical plant in the Eastern United States was a leak of chlorine

At the Axiall chemical plant in West Virginia has been a massive chlorine leak. This was reported by representatives of the company in the official press release.

According to published reports, the incident occurred on the morning of August 27. For unknown reasons, in vaginalcreme, where the liquid chlorine, a crack through which began to emerge chemical. Due to evaporation on the plant formed a toxic cloud that began to move in a southerly direction.

The result of chlorine leakage injured at least two workers of the plant. They were hospitalized with burns of the lungs.

Work on the plant was suspended because of the incident. Rescuers evacuated the residents of nearby settlements, in the area of the plant, the authorities banned the shipping.

Currently, the leakage of dangerous substances has been terminated, the traffic is fully restored. Rescuers are continuing to establish the cause and details of the incident and determine the level of security in the region.