The separation from Clinton, trump was reduced to 5%

Up to 5% reduction in the margin of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton from her opponent from the Republican party of Donald trump. This is evidenced by recent polling data by Reuters and Ipsos, conducted from 22 to 25 August.

For Clinton ready to vote 41% of voters, 36% are ready to support trump. 23% of respondents did not approve any of the candidates.

The previous poll by Reuters and Ipsos from August 24 showed that Clinton was willing to vote is 12% more voters than her opponent. Clinton then were ready to support 45% of Americans and trump 33% of respondents.

Reuters and Ipsos also conducted a separate survey, which included candidates from alternative parties. In this survey 39% of respondents were ready to support Clinton, trump 36%. For Gary Johnson of the libertarian party voted 7% of respondents, 3% of the votes received by the candidate from the green Party Jill Stein.

Both surveys were held in an online format in 50 States. They took part 1154 of the person.

Minimum separation from Clinton trump was recorded in may 2016. Then it was 2%.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November 2016