The Finance Ministry has refused to introduce criminal liability for the circulation of bitcoins

The Finance Ministry has opposed the introduction of criminal liability for the use of bitcoins. This was stated by Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Moiseev, reports TASS.

In comments to journalists, he said that the bill, which provides for “frontal ban” on bitcoin will be adjusted according to the results of the upcoming series of meetings with experts.

“The bill (criminalizing the production and marketing of cryptocurrencies. — RBC), of course I am, but hurry we will not and, most likely, it will change along the way,” said Moses. “Probably, with the development of technology face a ban will do is not very correct”, — said the Deputy Minister.

Deputy Finance Minister noted that the bill should ensure the protection of the Russian Central Bank as the emission center. In turn, the Agency will also take all possible measures to limit the freedom of action for the criminals who use bitcoins in illegal transactions and money laundering.

“On the other hand, we should maintain the position of the Central Bank as the sole emission center. And, basically, everything else (that does not fall under the prohibitions. — RBC) — please, do what you want. As this is written [in the law]? I’m not yet convinced that what we wrote is what I wanted”, — said Moiseev.

In March it became known that the Ministry of Finance is preparing a bill to impose criminal liability for the production and marketing of cryptocurrencies. The most severe punishment, according to interlocutors of “Interfax” in the financial-economic bloc of the government was envisaged for the top managers of financial institutions. It was assumed that they will have the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term up to seven years.

In September 2015, the head of Sberbank German Gref opposed the ban on the use of cryptocurrency in Russia. “It seems to us, as professionals in this part that this is definitely not something that should be banned”, he said. Gref also noted that he himself belongs to “a little bit of bitcoin.