Prototype Apple 1 computer sold at auction for $815 thousand

A prototype of the Apple 1 computer was sold at auction Charitybuzz for $ 815 thousand On it informs Bi-bi-si.

Sold at auction model could be collected before the company launched the Apple 1. Thus, this model can be one of the first Apple computers.

The auction was attended by about 80 people. 10% of proceeds will go to help patients with leukemia and lymphoma, transmits Bi-bi-si with reference to Charitybuzz.

The winners of the auction Glenn and Shannon Dellimore said that they want to show the computer in schools and universities to inspire young people.

$815 thousand not the biggest price for which I bought the Apple 1. In October 2014 a rare instance of a working computer was sold at auction for $905,000.

The founders of Apple, Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak assembled 200 Apple 1 computers in 1976. In July of the same year they started to sell them at a price of $666.66. 175 of them were sold. In the world now there are not more than 70 models of the Apple 1.