The European Commission will allow the publishers to demand more from search engines

In the framework of the reform of copyright, which develops the European Commission, publishers will have the right to demand royalties from news aggregators and search engines for the publication of the text fragments, writes the Financial Times.

The EC proposals will be published in September, the newspaper writes. Their goal is to reduce the market impact of large scale operators such as Google. According to European officials, is concentrated in the hands of a large market share in segments such as search, leads to “imbalance” of negotiations between content creators and search engines.

At the core of the project is to provide publishers with “exclusive rights” to the content. This will make search engines and aggregators to negotiate with the supplier the terms of use.

Previously, such attempts led to the closure of Google News in Spain, where authorities have imposed a mandatory fee for the use of snippets of text. In Germany, the publishers got the right to demand compensation but many of them, according to the publication, refused demands for the sake of their material has appeared in the aggregators.