A passenger plane with a failed engine has landed in Riga

A passenger plane made an emergency landing at the airport Riga due to the failure of one engine. It is reported by the Latvian newspaper Delfi.

The incident occurred on 24 August in the afternoon. Flying from Copenhagen to Riga on flight BT136 liner airline AirBaltic agreed to an emergency landing at the airport Riga due to technical reasons.

“According to preliminary information, the crew made the decision while flying off one of the two engines, strictly observing the instructions,” — said the representative of the airline Janis Vanags, adding that the landing took place in difficult conditions.

After landing, the plane arrived at the tow truck, who held it to the landing of the passengers.

On Board a passenger aircraft were 58 passengers and four crew members. Currently, Latvian airline AirBaltic launched an investigation into the reasons for the emergency landing.