The rebels seized half the city in Syria during the Turkish operation

The rebels, who are operating in Syria with the support of Turkey, managed to take control about 50% of the Syrian city Dzharablus. About it to Agency Reuters said one of the rebel commanders.

“The militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia. — RBC) left several villages on the outskirts of Dzharablus and head South towards the city of al-Bab,” said the Agency, the commander of the Syrian opposition groups Faylaq al-sham.

Rebel units are advancing with the support of Turkish tanks, special forces and combat aircraft of the coalition under US leadership, the sources said Reuters.

The military ground operation in Syria, Turkey began the morning of 24 August. Turkish tanks and aircraft bombed positions of the Islamic state in the Syrian city of Dzharablus (located near the border with Turkey is approximately 80-90 km East of Aleppo).

Later Turkish tanks entered Syrian territory. According to the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the operation is directed against ISIS and Kurdish self-defense forces.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow “deeply concerned about what is happening in the area of the Syrian-Turkish border”. The Department stated that there is a possibility of “further deterioration of the situation in the conflict zone.”