Related Prigogine companies suspected of forming a cartel

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has opened a cartel at the auction of the Ministry of defence worth more than 18 billion rubles, reported on the Agency’s website. In respect of nine companies, which, according to the FAS, could violate the law “On protection of competition”, a criminal case.

According to the FAS, in 2015, the defense Ministry has held several public auctions on the provision of sanitation technical and comprehensive maintenance of barracks and housing military bases, funds of higher education institutions and other agencies of the defense Department. The winner in each of the auctions became one of the nine legal entities, OOO “Megaline” Komponent, OOO, OOO “Millenium wedge”, Ekobalt, OOO, OOO “polar bear”, ASP, OOO, OOO Korallin”, “Specresurs, OOO Ruskompleks”, the report says.

FAS suspects that the companies concluded an anticompetitive agreement to maintain prices at the auctions of the Ministry should be the message. The reduction of the maximum prices in all trades, discovered FAS was 1.5%. As a result, the state contracts totaling more than 18 billion rubles were concluded with a slight decrease in the initial price, said the FAS.

Only in 2015, according to SPARK-Marketing, nine companies mentioned FAS, won the competitions of the Ministry of defence and its subordinate enterprises in tenders of 26.9 billion rubles. most of the contracts (about 22 billion rubles), the company has concluded directly with the Ministry of defense. Contracts with a duration of up to two years assume sanitary and technical maintenance of military camps, hospitals, schools and sanatoriums of the Ministry of defense throughout Russia. The winning bidder shall perform cleaning of buildings and grounds, to monitor the condition of plumbing, electrical, repairs.

According to SPARK, OOO “Megaline” two owners — LLC “Concord Management and Consulting” (50%) and OOO “Lahta” (50%). Until mid-2011, the owner of 14% of the shares of the first company was the St. Petersburg restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, and until September 2013, he controlled 80% of the second. Now, according to “Spark”, “the Concorde Management and Consulting” belongs to the violet Prigoginei (also, according to “Novaya Gazeta”, the name of the mother of Eugene Prigogine).

With well-known restaurateur can be associated to the company “Ruskompleks and ASP. As he wrote RBC, the former CEO and former owner of the company “Ruskompleks” Maxim Moskalev — a namesake of the head of the “Megaline”. The owner of Ruskompleks” was replaced on 11 June 2015, it was Vitaly Filipenko, also owns the company “SPb Kulinariya. It was established OOO “Perekrestok”, which was previously owned by Catherine the Knorring — former owner of the company ASP.

“Megaline”, “Ruskompleks and ASP won in 2015-2016, the defense Ministry tenders for cleaning and maintenance in the amount of 15 billion rubles.

In addition to cleaning military camps, suspected collusion, the company won a tender for 1.5 billion rubles on maintenance of apartment houses, which are in control of the Main Administration of Housing Fund of the defense Ministry. The company “Megaline” nearly 100 million rubles. does the cleaning in the Military and Patriotic Park of recreation and culture of the Russian Armed Forces “Patriot”. ASP and “Megaline” participated in the preparation of the parade on Victory Day in 2016 — for 6.8 million rubles. they serviced the toilets and cleaned the front of the site.

Yevgeny Prigozhin is engaged in the restaurant business since 1996. In 2003, according to Forbes, in one of the restaurants Prigogine — New Island — celebrated his birthday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Related Prigogine company are engaged in catering, construction and cleaning in the barracks and educational institutions of the Ministry of defense. Presumably related to the restaurateur company “Megaline” from September 2015 for RUB 3.3 bn building a military base in Valuyki Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine.

Other cartel members are discovered by the FAS, the company “White bear” and “Millenium wedge,” wrote RBC, can be associated with one of the market leaders in cleaning — “Facilicom” (operates under the brand “clear light”). According to SPARK, Millenium wedge” belonged to Larissa the Maevskaya. She also has a stake in OOO “Customer Service”, whose CEO was Lyudmila Hanina. Before Hanina headed the company “the Flagship of the wedge” other major “cleaning” of the defense contractor. “The flagship of the wedge” in some of the procurements indicated as a contact e-mail ending in Registration address “White bear” is the same as Millenium wedge”. The relationship with these companies in a press-service “Facilicom”denied.

On 11 August, the FAS announced the disclosure of the mass of the cartel in Russia”, which brings together bidders for the supply of clothing and equipment for the needs of the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB and customs bodies. According to the FAS, in terms of the collusion were 18 public auction totaling more than 3.5 billion rubles. Among the participants of the cartel were a number of major clothing companies, including “Paris commune” and “Baltiyskaya Manufaktura”.