Tuleyev has complained of the “Eurasia” to “outrage” at the “Raspadskaya”

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has addressed to the President “Evraza” Alexander Frolov with a request to consider the compliance of the General Director of ZAO “Raspadskaya coal company” Sergey Stepanova post, reported on the website of the regional administration.

Tuleyev “demands to intervene and stop the lawlessness of a reduction and optimization of state of the mine “Raspadskaya”, the report indicates. Reduction concern lanowitz, duty electrician, miners, stem, bunker suppliers, pipeline operators, workers 25-50 years, the report says.

“It turns out that workers simply plan to drive on the street with mortgages, loans, all payments reported beautiful phrase “optimization of non-core structures”, — said the head of the Kemerovo region. General Director of ZAO “Raspadskaya coal company” Sergey Stepanov, according to Tuleyev, “withdrew from solving the problem, deceiving the people today, assuring that the reductions will be, and tomorrow shall order the reduction, without offering the workers any jobs,” the report says.

In a press-service Evraz “RIA Novosti” stated that “Raspadskaya coal company” is not planning layoffs, and all employees dismissed in the framework of optimization, available jobs and, if necessary, retraining.

“The Governor will be taken into account, the explanatory work with staff and community organizations strengthened,” — said the press service of “Eurasia”.

The average number of industrial production personnel of JSC “Raspadskaya” in 2015 totaled 2,887 thousand people, the annual report of the company. Compared to 2014, the average number of staff decreased by 15% or 511. The average salary increased by 26% to 55 880 rubles, and labor productivity in coal mining 64% — up to 980 tons per person, the report says.

Sergey Stepanov is appointed CEO of Raspadskaya coal company since July 2014. Prior to joining Evraz, he held management positions in Nordgold, OJSC “Vorkutaugol”, JSC “Severstal-resource” and SUAL-holding”. In 2012 he was appointed Vice President of Evraz, and head of the division, “Coal”, in 2013 — CEO of JSC “OUK “Yuzhkuzbassugol”.

ZAO “Raspadskaya coal company” — the managing organization of JSC “Raspadskaya” to information on the website of Evraz. PAO Raspadskaya comprises a group of companies uniform territorially-industrial coal complex in the Kemerovo region, which includes three extracting enterprises — mine “Raspadskaya” mine of OAO “MUK-96″, ZAO Razrez Raspadskiy”, the mine ZAO “Raspadskaya Koksovaya and processing plant, ZAO OF Raspadskaya and enterprises in the transport and production infrastructure.

Principal owner of JSC “Raspadskaya” — “Evraz”. Among the co-owners Evraz billionaire Roman Abramovich (13-th place in the list of the richest Russians according to Forbes, assessment — $7.6 billion) with a share of 31.03%, Alexander Abramov (24-e a place, assessment of the state — $3.6 billion) from 21.61% and Alexander Frolov (49-e a place, assessment of the state — $1.5 billion) from 10.79%.