The Western media predicted Brazil’s “hangover” after the Olympics

The Brazilian and the Olympic flags wave at the closing ceremony of the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro

“From a commercial point of view, the first Olympics in South America were successful, but after the festive closure of the Games Brazil are waiting for a hangover” — says the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on the day following the closing of the Olympic games. And with this headache country will have to take the Paralympic games, the article says.

The question here is not so much about the implications for Finance and for public safety, how about the numerous scandals around the Olympics. First, the FAZ recalls the arrest of a member of the IOC Irishman Patrick Hickey allegedly for the illegal trade in tickets to the event: “the Aggression of the Brazilian justice in relation to the older officer says a lot about the real relationships between guests and hosts”. Another scandal was connected with the admission to the Game, and then the dismissal (at the level of the IOC), the Russian female athletes Yulia Stepanova, who told us about the practice of doping in Russia. With its removal, according to FAZ, the Olympics “lost his soul”.

However, despite the difference in time zones with Europe, past Games have proved to be commercially successful. For example, the cumulative time required to view live performances on the website of the NBC amounted to 2.25 billion minutes, compared to 1.5 billion for all the past Games combined.

American Agency Bloomberg recalls various expert reports (one prepared by the former head of the Secretariat of the economic strategy of the President of Brazil), according to which the effect of seven years of preparations for the Games had a positive impact on the economy, in particular, on the growth of family income.

The Agency reminds that private Brazilian electricity company Light SA has recently appealed to the authorities for permission to raise tariffs for the population — because of the Olympics, the planned investments were postponed. According to the expert, Georgetown University James Moore, the preparations for the Games in Brazil a “strategic mistake”, although ultimately benefit other developing countries. Using the principle “forewarned is forearmed” they set the example of Brazil will be able to assess the impact of participation in such event.

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Even more dramatically spoke the analyst of the Bavarian edition of Merkur Armin Gibis: “From the outset it was clear that the first Olympics in South America will be a delicate experiment. And now that it is over, you can say Rio has not shown neither a perfect nor an outstanding Olympics.” Although, he recognizes Gibis, in the most difficult conditions Brazil would be a satisfactory staging of the Games. However spent on training €11 billion would be better spent on social projects in the favelas”, the expert concludes.

The British business newspaper the Financial Times linked the conclusion of the Olympic games with the imminent resolution of the political crisis in Brazil. This Thursday, the Senate must make the final decision to dismiss ex-President Dilma Rousseff. Having established the post of the President, the current Vice-President Michel Temer (standing on the more right-wing positions than Rousseff) will have to conduct many reforms that the Olympics will have a positive moral and economic effect.

And yet, the stresses FT, polls show that Brazilians still regard Games as a source of unjustified spending that is already able to lick the optimistic attempts of normalization to be taken by the new government. The publication notes that Temer didn’t come to the closing ceremony of the Games — partly because the crowd booed him two weeks ago, at the opening ceremony.