The Georgian special services have informed on prevention of a terrorist attack on a gas pipeline

The state security service of Georgia (GBS) stopped the implementation of the terrorist attack on the gas pipeline connecting Russia and Armenia. This was announced by the representative of the SGB at the briefing, reports “Georgia-Online”.

On suspicion of crime was arrested seven people, including an employee of the patrol police of the city of Poti Levan Mamporia. The secret service said that Mamporia was detained on the fact of abuse of power, five people suspected of preparing a terrorist attack, and one citizen of Georgia – for the non-information.

According to investigators, August 20 malefactors went to the forest near the road Zhinvali-Shatili, where seized weapons caches from four units of 200 grams of TNT, two types of fuse, five pieces of capsule-detonator and other explosives. At the time of the seizure of explosives and they were arrested.

They detained law enforcement officers also found guns with ammunition. In the house of one of the detainees was discovered a map indicating the locations where had the thunder of explosions.

In SGB noted that one of the detained was often visited Ukraine, “however, ruled this criminal group from the country, not installed yet”, says the publication.