The FBI found almost 15 thousand unpublished letters to Clinton

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) found more 14 thousand 900 emails and documents former Secretary of state and candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. About it writes The Washington Post.

Found letters and documents are not present among the rest, which plans to publish the state Department in the fall.

The scandal around the use of Clinton’s personal box for the purpose of business correspondence as Secretary of state began in March of 2015. Then it became known that Clinton, as Secretary of state in 2009-2013, was in correspondence with personal email, not the government, as required by the United States administration.

Clinton herself has denied that personal e-mail transmitted secret data. Clinton mostly kept up a correspondence with the closest circle of advisers, particularly with Sidney Blumenthal.

August 19, Clinton told an investigator from the FBI that the use of personal email for business correspondence, she advised former U.S. Secretary of state Colin Powell.